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ESN Ministry | Reaching students with the gospel

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

The few years that one spends at university or college can be formative in a variety of ways. While most people, both parents and students, would agree that this is a formative time in terms of career path, many fail to recognise the big ways in which their whole lives are impacted by their experience at university or college. More importantly, the freedom which

comes with university or college life and being far away from parents or guardians means many young people will need to decide where they personally stand when it comes to faith and religion. This decision will affect not only the rest of their lives here on earth, but it has eternal consequences.

Many would agree that the world we live in needs more competent and faithful leaders both in the church and society. The rampant corruption we daily bemoan in Zimbabwe is a shocking reality, given that over 85% of our population here in Zimbabwe profess to be Christian. Could it be the 15% peddling all this corruption which has decimated our nation? I would like to suggest that this is not the case. Our context is that of nominal Christianity where many are quick to identify as Christians while they deny the true transformative power of genuine faith in Christ (2 Timothy 3:5).

Evangelical Students Network (ESN), seeks to be the mouth and hands of God, bringing the gospel to university and college students in Zimbabwe. We prayerfully seek to engage with students in a free and unthreatening manner, while creating opportunities to equip them through discipleship and training as we hope to send them out from the campus as

mature followers of Jesus who are faithful and capable leaders for the church and society.

Our ultimate goal is to see them joining the multitude of believers who will be ushered into the new heavens and the new earth when Christ


For more information about ESN, please contact Tawanda at

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