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Image by Aaron Burden

Our Background

SIM Zimbabwe became a full entity and member of the SIM Global Assembly with equal powers to any other SIM entity in February 2018. As such, the vision and mission of SIM Zimbabwe is shaped and guided by the vision of SIM International. Locally, SIM Zimbabwe is registered

as a private voluntary organisation ( P.V.O) according to the laws of Zimbabwe and is overseen by and accountable to the SIM Zimbabwe board and Trustees.


The country director reports to the Board and

Trustees. SIM Zimbabwe works alongside other SIM entities within the region, which fall under  the leadership of the SIM Regional Director for Southern Africa and the SASC team.

In keeping with SIM International strategy, SIM Zimbabwe seeks to work in close partnership with local churches and other para-church organisations towards the development and growth of evangelical and bible based ministries.


While gospel work remain at the center, SIM Zimbabawe also engages in other humanitarian work when

resources are available.

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